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General Contractors

General Contractors

General Contractors

We have a procurement network that promotes General contracting project with cost controls and schedule certainty by managing the sourcing, purchasing, and delivery of materials, equipment, and services to our clients.

Whatever level of construction procurement is required  MICSA P&A Investment Limited  have the knowledge and experience to guide clients towards a successful construction project applying general contracting services to ease stress from our esteem clients.

We have considerable experience and knowledge with all procurement routes and can advise clients on the most suitable procurement route for their project.

Our Method of procurement Service

  • Advice on the most appropriate procurement method for the project
  • Contractual advice
  • Contractor selection advice
  • Preparation of tender and contract documentation ie. bills of quantities & schedules of rates
  • Forms of contract
  • Reviewing tender documents ie. drawings and specifications

Construction Procurement Systems & Selection

On any construction project it is vitally important to select the right method of procuring the construction works. Not only is it important to choose the right contractor but it is vital that the contract documentation and form of contract is appropriate to the project.

We at MICSA P&A Investment Limited employ basic terms Procurement  in the general contracting and supply  process  to obtain construction projects success. It involves the selection of a contractual framework that clearly identifies the structure of responsibilities and authorities for participants within the building process.  It is a key factor contributing to overall client satisfaction and project success. The selection of the most appropriate procurement method is consequently critical for both clients and project participants, therefore we play integral role to ensure  an important contemporary issue with the building industry is maintained with quality assurance strategy.

It is vital that clients make the correct choice of construction procurement method in an increasingly complex situation, with a wide range of objective criteria and procurement systems available in quantity surveying as being  an important role to preform in building procurement selection. This why we are here to save or clients the stress of choosing the right procurement method which  is vital to the success of a building project.

MICSA P&A Investment Limited with rich experience in construction and  range of experienced  professional team and an effective procurement policy employs knowledge of procurement methods which requires extensive professional advice to furthermore the needs of clients which vary considerably with regard to certainty of price, cost limits, time requirements, complexity of design and many other factors.

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